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Menstruation in Ayurveda

By Andrea Shuman and Michelle Magid Excerpted from the book, A New Cycle: Your Guide to a Better Period, Naturally, A Collection by Gladrags™             Many of us have spoken to our OB-GYN about our cramps, PMS, bloating, etc, only to be offered artificial hormones such as birth control pills, pain medication, or even psychiatric medication. In my formative years growing up as a woman, I was on high-level pain medications for cramps, birth control pills that made me gain weight and left me emotionally imbalanced, as well as finally being given the Depo-Provera shot to stop my period altogether! It took more than a year and a half to regain my cycle after I went off the hormone shot....

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Handling the holidays with grace

Melissa Di Rito, AHP, RYT  For many, the holiday season throws our schedules and routines off. We often forsake our own needs in exchange for common social interaction over meals and conversation. In one sense, it's a wonderful time to surrender yourself to this process and abandon your normal routines, which can surprisingly reinvigorate our awareness and bring a fresh perspective to those routines. Surrendering can also make space to bring a more open mindset to family interactions and help us to be fully present. On the other hand, if we completely lose sight of what we usually do to feel balanced, you may find yourself feeling emotionally unstable, moody, and irritable, which can unintentionally be taken out on family...

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"I Love you." Says the Dandelion...."please don't hate me"

You curse me, and complain that I am in your lawn. You say I am ugly, undesirable and far too pervasive... perhaps you do not realize that I came to give you a gift. You can take all of me. My roots will support your liver and increase your breastmilk and prevent mastitis if you are a new Mother. You can roast them to perfection and brew them like coffee to help you get off the addictive bean. Tincture them in alcohol or brew them in tea! They PH Balance the blood and are full of iron and zinc, and assist with regulating anemia. Why, I ask, shall I go away and leave you your pointless grass? My leaves are...

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Herb of the week

Amla (Phyllanthus embelicus) Amla, AKA Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry has 20x the Vitamin C of an Orange, and was found in recent studies to be one of the most potent antioxidants available! Amla is used to improve digestion, delay aging and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol to name a few! Amla is Tri-doshic, and can be used by all body types. It is a very unique tasting fruit and especially so, as it contains 5 out of 6 tastes. In Ayurveda, the tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, and pungent) effect the doshas, or "body-mind types" differently. Because it contains all of these, except for salty, Amla is uniquely balancing to the elements. Amla is one of the key ingredients...

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