Energetic/Spiritual Support & Coaching

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Energy Balancing Sessions

All beings, including you, have energy fields that surround them. 

These energy fields affect and create your reality.  When you shift your energy fields, you can shift all aspects of your being; thought forms, belief systems, emotions and even your physical form!

"How do I know if Energy Balancing is right for me?" 

Are you experiencing any of the following?

•Feelings of anxiety and/or depression
•Feeling ungrounded, insecure, or unsafe
•Listless or feeling "stuck" and overwhelmed
•Lack of self-esteem, self-love, and battling the self-critic
•Stuck in negative thoughts and emotions
•Unresolved feelings of grief or loss
•Pain and stiffness


"What Occurs During an Energy Balancing Session?"

You are guided by me, working with your Higher Self (your Energy Self), in removing blocks and old ways of being that no longer serve you.  As I tune into the layers, I am able to identify the root cause of the blocks that are creating the discordant vibrations.  During this process, energetic information is sent to your Higher Self, so that you can shift you, and dissolve the discordant energy in your own unique way, and to the degree that you choose.

Throughout the process, you are shifting you.  I am there to support you, by holding a safe and sacred space, and to send energetic information so you can move into greater degrees of empowerment in a balanced way.  I never use my own energy to change you, only you shift you, as you are your own best healer and guide. 

Every aspect of the session is in accordance to your own readiness to shift, grow and evolve.  When the energetic balancing protocols take effect, it’s possible to feel “gentle waves of energy”.  This is the effect of freeing yourself from old patterns that no longer serve you, and realigning your energies to be in harmony with your higher self and your highest good.  As a result, you may experience a feeling of lightness yet also feeling grounded, with a greater sense of joy, peace, freedom and connection to all aspects of yourself and Life.

One-on-One Private Sessions:

Michelle offers sessions in person in Portland, OR or remotely via Zoom or over the phone.

Once you schedule a session, I begin working with you in the Higher Realms, along with my Guides.  We connect with your Higher Self, and relay appropriate information that will begin to support you to shift your energetic fields and consciousness, empowering you to transform your life!

75 min. $170

90 min. $200

I highly recommend reading the "Seven Cups of Consciousness" by Aleya Dao prior to your session, as it will provide an understanding of concepts and definitions used during the session.  Please click on the book below to purchase from Amazon, or purchase from your favorite retailer.



Being an Empowered Empath - Course by Aleya Dao

Are you an empath and/or a highly sensitive person (HSP)?  Do you find yourself being impacted by other's energy and not sure how to clear it from your space?  Would you like to learn simple yet highly impactful step-by-step tools that enables you to clear your energy and master empathic sensitivity with ease and efficiency?  Then this course is for you! 

In this 6 part series, you will learn powerful tools to help you clear empathic sensations quickly.  You will discover why you are empathic, understand the layers of empathic sensitivity, increase awareness and discernment, how to hold healthy boundaries, find peace and calm, and more!

Are you ready to Become and Empowered Empath?  Then click this link and begin your journey to more freedom, abundance and joy!

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