Finding Balance In Kapha Season

Finding Balance In Kapha Season

Posted by Michelle Magid on May 10th 2023

Late winter into spring is considered the Kapha season in Ayurveda. Kapha is one of the three Doshas; Kapha, Pitta, & Vata.  Kapha is defined by qualities that include: •Coldness*, dampness*, heaviness, stagnation, and dullness.

Ayurveda recognizes that our minds and bodies can reflect the external conditions, our outside environment into our internal environment. In other words, during Kapha season, a lot like the weather outside, we become a bit heavy and dull ourselves!  This can manifest as lethargy, fatigue, digestive issues, etc. 

When you're experiencing a Kapha imbalance, it's important to correct it by introducing qualities that counteract Kapha. Because Kapha brings cold, dampness, and heaviness, we need to counterbalance with the opposite qualities of •Warmth •Dryness •Lightness •Invigoration.

Bringing these qualities into our daily routine through our food choices and activities will help restore balance and make an easier transition into summer and the Pitta season. 

Here are a few suggestions for restoring balance during the Kapha season: 

Rise early. Wake at or before sunrise. The heaviness of Kapha wants us to sleep in, but this will only add to the imbalance of the season, so do your best to get up and get moving. 

Food choices, lighten it up! Winter and Vata season is a time of enjoying heavy, nourishing foods. But, these no longer serve us as we move into the Kapha season. So eating lighter is advisable. Soups, leafy greens, and quinoa are great choices. Kapha is still cold, similar to Vata, so you still want to eat cooked and warm food. Using spices like chili, cinnamon, mustard seed, ginger, and turmeric is a great way to flavor your meals and support the warmth. 

Get Moving In The Morning.  Kapha is marked by heaviness and lethargy, so physical morning activity is advisable, and walking is an excellent option! It's important to get the body moving early in the day to help balance the Kapha quality of lethargy.

Kapha has many wonderful qualities, just like all the doshas, the key, as always is balance!

If you'd like to know more about how to balance your unique constitution and dosha makeup, book a consultation and begin to live in your Vibrance!