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Many of our treatments have add-on options and some are offered in combination. Feel free to customize your treatments to meet your specific needs. Book your treatment here now!

Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments

Abhyanga Massage

It's ALL about the Oil... ahhhh. The word for oiling the body, in Sanskrit, is Snehana, which means "To Love, To Be Nurtured."

This is a far cry from your typical massage!  It's focus is on applying warm, herbal medicated oils to the body with long strokes, which creates deep relaxation.  It also encourages lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, stimulates the immune system and the elimination of toxins.  It's grounding and pacifying to the nervous system, moisturizes and nurtures, not just the skin, but All tissues in the body.

Lipid soluble oils are used so the body can take them in through the skin like a nutritious meal.  While the muscles get some yummy relaxation, the focus of this massage is to integrate the whole body/mind, move the lymph and relax the nervous system.

We have chosen to offer a 2 hour version only as we've found it to be the most beneficial for deep relaxation, which is what this treatment is all about!

Single Therapist: 2 hours $180

Package of 3 Single Therapist: 2 hours $500 ($40 savings)

Note: Abhyanga was often traditionally performed with two therapists for the greatest benefit, however it's not always possible to provide this version of the service. The single therapist version is quite lovely and makes it practical for our clients to receive regularly.  When available, we do offer the traditional 4-handed service.

4-handed (2 therapist) 60 minutes $165
4-handed (2 therapist) 90 minutes $225

Note: 4-handed Treatments cannot be booked online, please call the center to book 503-788-3038



Shirodhara is the application of a warm medicated oil streamed continuously over the Third-Eye or Ajna (6th) Chakra.  The technique of shirodhara soothes, nourishes and calms the senses as well as the mind and is recommended for chronic headaches, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness.  This is especially indicated for those experiencing high and chronic stress and who have difficulty slowing down.

Shirodhara is an effective treatment for relaxation, improving memory and nourishing the hair and scalp.  It assists in in providing sound sleep and calms the body and mind.  It’s wonderful for reducing stress and nervous tension.  Shirodhara drops you into a deep altered state where your mind and body can relax and reorganize its self.  The treatment begins with a head, neck and face massage, including the application of Marma Therapy, and ends with massaging the feet.

As with any deeply sedating therapy or practice, we recommend you refrain from any and all unnecessary media after the treatment and engage only in life affirming activities; in other words, if you can, please take the rest of the day off and relax! 

1 hour - $130*
*If oil can be reused for next appointment, 10% discount is given.


Ushma Swedana - Herbal Steam**

This service is a special herbal fomentation, or steam canopy therapy, which can be applied following an Abhyanga, as an add on service, to aid in the absorption and assimilation of the medicated oils as well as elimination of toxins through sweat.

Traditional Ayurvedic texts suggest that steam therapy should be preformed with the patient lying down comfortably, with the head and neck exposed, rather than in the tent. This prevents over-heating, and allows for thorough detoxification and absorption.

Herbs and aromatherapy oils are selected per the client's needs.  This treatment leaves you smelling and feeling great!

**Contraindicated for pregnant and menstruating women and people with high heat conditions**

Add on to Abhyanga or Abhyanga/Shirodhara combination (not available as a stand alone treatment).

Add-on treatment - $50


Netra Basti - Eye Treatment

A gift for your tired eyes. We bathe your eyes in ghee to promote relaxation of the muscles and clarity of vision. It sounds odd, but feels amazing. We invite you to give this treatment a try, if you spend hours on a computer or simply have tired or strained eyes.

1 hour - $108


Kati Basti - Low Back Treatment

Your lower back never had it so good! Kati Basti is a special treatment to relieve pain in the lower lumbar region. Warm, medicated oils designed to reduce inflammation and promote circulation are bathed over the affected area and held in place by a dam. after this, a localized steam is applied followed by a full back massage.

1 hour - $108


Ayurvedic Treatment Combos(two or more of our therapies combined)

Abhy-Shiro Combo

This service is a classic single therapist Abhyanga (warm ayurvedic oil massage) with herbal oils specific to you, followed by a blissful 30 minute Shirodhara (warm oil streamed on the forehead), designed to ease your tension and headaches, help you sleep and relieve your anxiety.

90 minutes Abhyanga + Shiro (2 hours total) - $230
2 hour Abhyanga + Shiro (2.5 hrs. total) - $265


Abhy-Herbal Steam Combo

This service is a classic single therapist Abhyanga (warm ayurvedic oil massage) with herbal oils specific to you, followed by an herbal 30 minute Steam to aid in the absorption and assimilation of the medicated oils as well as elimination of toxins through sweat.

90 minutes Abhyanga + Herbal Steam (2 hours total) - $195
2 hour Abhyanga + Herbal Steam (2.5 hrs. total) - $230


Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy

This is the famous Ayurvedic trifecta of Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Swedana. These therapies are recommended to calm your nerves, clear your head and remove harmful toxins from your body in a gentle and blissful way. This is not your average “spa” treatment. You don’t just leave relaxed, you leave more balanced! Treatment time is 3 hours.

2 hour Single Therapist Abhyanga (3 hrs.) $315
Package of 3: Single Therapist Bliss Therapies (2 hr. Abhyanga) $895

Note: 4-handed Treatments cannot be booked online, please call the center to book 503-788-3038. Steam treatment is not appropriate for pregnant or menstruating women. If you are booked and think you will be on your cycle, please call to reschedule or change to an Abhy-Shiro only treatment.


Pancha Karma Cleansing Program

Pancha Karma is the famous Ayurvedic Whole body detox. You are led through your program by an experienced practitioner, doing some of the work at home through diet and herbs complimented by a series of body therapies prescribed by your practitioner for 3, 5 or 7 days.

This is not your average detox, but a whole body, mind and spirit program to help you hit the “reset button”. This treatment is recommended for many stubborn, chronic ailments as well as a preparation for conception. Prices are custom.

Please call to customize your treatment and for pricing options.

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