Vibrance Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Consultations

Initial Consultation

Ayurveda is a truly holistic and personalized approach to health care that is both preventative and curative.  We take into account your whole being, your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  During an Initial Consultation, we will collect detailed information and perform a complete Ayurvedic diagnostic to give us a full picture of who you are and how you got where you are now in your health.  Customized recommendations are given for the implementation of Ayurvedic practices and diet into your life to assist you with any health challenges.  Herbal formulations are made specifically for you to support your healing process.  Part coaching, part guidance, the consult will support you on your personal health journey.

$180 Initial Ayurvedic Consultation – 1.5  to 2 hours
(Herbal formulas and supplies not included.)

Follow-up Consultations

$95 Single – 1 hour
$255 Package of 3 Follow ups ($85 each)


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