"I Love you." Says the Dandelion...."please don't hate me"

Jul 5th 2015

You curse me, and complain that I am in your lawn. You say I am ugly, undesirable and far too pervasive... perhaps you do not realize that I came to give you a gift. You can take all of me.

My roots will support your liver and increase your breastmilk and prevent mastitis if you are a new Mother. You can roast them to perfection and brew them like coffee to help you get off the addictive bean. Tincture them in alcohol or brew them in tea! They PH Balance the blood and are full of iron and zinc, and assist with regulating anemia. Why, I ask, shall I go away and leave you your pointless grass?

My leaves are a wonderful blood cleaner and cooking green that does wonders for your skin. If you don't like the bitterness, just flash boil them once, and then sautee them with a little garlic....add a little Ume Vinegar and Olive oil and you will be sorry you ever ate them up with your lawn mower...what a waste. They are brilliant for those who get overheated easily or for anger and irritability.

My flowers offer you wine, so easy to make and delightful. You can also pick the largest and most majestic of dandelion heads and batter fry them with flour, salt pepper and egg in ghee. MMM! Delicious! Are you sure you still want to get rid of me? I love you! Please, take all of me!